Boy Names that Start with “S”

Adding a baby boy to your family is such an exciting experience for your family. With all this excitement, you have a very important decision to make. You will need to decide what you would like your little boy to be called for the rest of his life!

This is certainly no easy task. There are so many names to choose from, that you may not even know where to begin. Choosing one letter you are interested in will help you narrow down your options significantly. If you are interested in names that being with the letter “S,” then you came to the right place!

We created a list of our favorite boy’s names that begin with the letter “S.” Keep scrolling to see our top picks...

  1. Stevenmeaning a crown or garland
  2. Sammeaning name of God
  3. Stefanmeaning a crown or a garland
  4. Sebastianmeaning venerable or revered
  5. Sawyermeaning lost
  6. Simonmeaning heard
  7. Samuelmeaning name of God
  8. Silasmeaning asked for
  9. Sullivanmeaning eye
  10. Samsonmeaning the sun
  11. Sonnyderived from the term used to describe a young boy
  12. Shawnmeaning God is gracious
  13. Sterlingmeaning a starling or type of bird
  14. Stanleymeaning stone
  15. Sethmeaning appointed
  16. Salemmeaning peace
  17. Suttonmeaning from the south farm
  18. Santiagomeaning saint
  19. Salvatoremeaning savior, rescuer, or deliverer
  20. Solomonmeaning peaceful

If you enjoyed reading our list of boy names that begin with "S," then don't forget to check out all our other names lists, such as boy names that begin with "C," or boy names that begin with "D." While this choice can still be a very overwhelming one, narrowing down by letter is a great start. Once you see some you like, make a shortlist of your favorites.

Over time, begin to narrow it down until you have found your favorite. You will have your baby boy’s name picked out in no time!



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