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We created Lil’ Labels baby bottle labels for bottles, but they are practical for so many more things! We have found so many uses for Lil’ Labels and have created more labels for specific uses. All of our labels are waterproof, self-laminating, and can adhere to nearly any surface. We have designed labels with different personalities and even ones that stick to clothing instead of bottles. Check out all of our amazing products, and discover all the options for label use. Browse our online store, and find the right labels for your kids today!

Seal-N-Stick Baby Bottle Labels

When we started Lil’ Labels, the intended purpose was superior baby bottle labels that wouldn’t leave sticky residue on the bottles nor leave behind peeled sticker flakes on Baby’s hand. We wanted to solve these parenting woes with simple solutions. Lil’ Labels bottle labels can withstand the dishwasher, microwave, sterilizer, warmer, soaking in the sink, and being handled by your little ones. They can be used on bottles of all types, sippy cups, breastfeeding storage bags, and even mom and dad’s coffee mugs and water bottles. Browse all of our adorable baby bottle labels today!

Writable Clothing Labels

Our clothing labels are made especially for your little one’s clothes, jackets, and fabric items of all sorts. Whether you want to label their outerwear to ensure it comes home when they take it off at school, or you want to label everything your children take to daycare from their shirts to their shoes and their blankets, Lil’ Labels clothing labels are the solution! Our clothing labels adhere without leaving a sticky residue and are machine washable and sweat resistant. Use them for the kiddos or the entire family. Some reviews state that they are also perfect for assisted living and nursing home residents. Shop our entire clothing label product

Sure-Seal Date Labels

Date labels are convenient for a lot of things. We created date labels to compliment our bottle labels. Use them in combination with a name label or independently. Our date labels offer the same features as our bottle labels including the self-laminating seal-n-stick features, as well as the sure-seal waterproof feature that allows it to go through the dishwasher, microwave, fridge or freezer, steamer, and sterilizer. Use them to mark the creation date and expiration date of homemade food or breast milk stored in the fridge or freezer.

Self-Laminating Kitchen Labels

Our self-laminating kitchen labels are perfect for use on everything in the kitchen, and we do mean everything! Lil’ Labels can be used on plastic, rubber, ceramic, metal, and wood. They are sure-seal and writable. Use the kitchen label collection on your dishes, water bottles, lunchboxes, jars, storage containers, and more. The seal-n-stick labels allow you to label names, ingredients, and allergies of what is in the containers, and they are completely dishwasher, microwave, freezer, condensation, and soak-safe. Browse our entire self-laminating label collection

Daycare Labels

Lil’ Labels daycare labels help you and your littles keep track of their belongings when they aren’t at home. Daycare is full of children and their belongings, and it is easy to simply misplace something or leave something behind. Our self-laminating labels are perfect for identifying all of your little one’s things to help ensure they make it back home. Use our labels to mark everything in the diaper bag, including bottles, wipes, creams, snack containers, and toys. Use our clothing labels to identify clothes, blankets, and lovies. Choose a different themed label for each of your kiddos. Browse our entire product line today!

School Labels

If you have little ones in school, you know how many things they take with them and how many things are left behind. Throughout the school day, your kids use so many supplies and are distracted with so many activities, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Make sure your child’s belongings aren’t mixed up with their classmate’s and that they eventually make their way home. Lil’ Labels school labels are perfect for labeling water bottles, lunch containers, books, school supplies, electronics, musical instruments, and even their jackets and gym uniforms. Let your school-aged kids pick their own theme that matches their personalities. Browse our entire label line today.

Electronics Labels

If there is one thing you and your kiddos don’t want to go missing, it’s the expensive electronics you have armed them with. Use our writable self-laminating labels to identify your phones, tablets, computers, cameras, watch, calculators, and all the charging cables that go along with them. Our seal-n-stick labels are sure-stick but won’t leave behind any sticky residue or ruin your electronics. With the self-laminating feature, you can rest assured that they won’t flake or peel either. To protect your electronics, use our Lil’ Labels bottle labels. Shop the entire collection online today.

Book Labels

One of the challenges that every parent faces is keeping their kid’s books identified. Whether they are simple board books sent to the sitter’s or taken on an outing, or your school-aged children have issued books that they have to return at the end of the year, you want to ensure they don’t get lost. Many labels will ruin paper and books, so parents face the decision of whether or not to write directly in the book. Lil’ Labels writable self-laminating labels are a great solution. Once you no longer need the label, peel it off with no sticky residue left behind! Browse all of our labels online today.

Toy Labels

You know the devastating consequences of a toy being lost or confused for another child’s toy. Avoid the tantrums and the young heartache when you label your children’s toys. The writable and self-laminating labels from Lil’ Labels are perfect for use on many different toy material surfaces including plastic, rubber, plush, and wood. You can use the labels to identify multiple children’s toys and ensure that any toy that makes it outside of your house makes its way back home. Use different themed labels for each of your little ones. Shop our entire line today!


Lift the flap on the seal-n-stick label, and use a felt-tip marker or ballpoint pen to write any information you want.


Use the self-laminating feature, and press the flap over your writing to create a watertight seal. If used correctly, your label can last for months!


Once the label is created, you can stick it to any clean, dry surface!

For More Than Just Bottles

At Lil’ Labels, a mom has created the perfect product to solve her own parenting problems and is making this stress-relieving organizational tool available to help other parents spend less time fixing labels and more time enjoying their Little’s giggles. Try them out for yourself, order yours today!

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