Girl Names that Begin with “L”

Adding a new baby girl to the family is such an exciting thing. With this exciting addition will come a huge decision; what will you call your newest family member? With so many names to choose from, it can be an overwhelming choice. To make this decision-making process easier, you could choose a letter to decide your name from.

If you are looking for a name that begins with the letter “L” for your baby girl, then you came tot he right place! We compiled a list of girl names that begin with the letter “L."

Here are our top picks...

  1. Lorimeaning crowned with Laurel
  2. Lorrainemeaning territory of the people of Lothar
  3. Lilymeaning of the night
  4. Lilliannaa variant of Lilian
  5. Lucymeaning light
  6. Lacymeaning belonging to Lassy
  7. Lulumeaning pearl
  8. Lolameaning sorrows or aches
  9. Laylameaning dark, or night beauty
  10. Leahmeaning weary to tire
  11. Lydiameaning woman from Lydia, an ancient kingdom in western Asia Minor
  12. Lunameaning the moon
  13. Larissameaning cheerful
  14. Lexishort form of the name Alexis, Alexandra, or Alexa
  15. Lanashort form of the name Alana
  16. Lucillemeaning light
  17. Laurenmeaning a man from Laurentum
  18. Loreleimeaning ambush cliff
  19. Lucianameaning light of the moon
  20. Leilanimeaning sky or heavenly

If you enjoyed reading this list, then don’t forget to check out our other lists of baby names. Make a shortlist of your favorites and narrow it down more as time goes on. Before you know it, you will have the perfect name chosen for your baby!



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