Vintage Baby Names

They say that what is old becomes new again. Such is the case of baby names. Vintage baby names have become a hot trend and parents can’t seem to get enough of. These old-fashioned names have made a resurgence and parents are inspired to name their babies beautiful classic names with more of a vintage flair.


Find the perfect vintage name for your newborn by taking a look at the list we compiled of vintage baby names…




  • Abel: meaning competent, ready, and willing
  • Abner: meaning father of light
  • Abraham: meaning father of multitudes
  • Brooks: meaning of the brook
  • Casper: meaning treasurer
  • Desmond: meaning one from South Munster
  • Edmund: meaning fortunate protector
  • Frederick: meaning peaceful ruler
  • Gabriel: meaning God is my strength
  • Inigo: meaning fiery




  • Abigail: meaning my father is joyful
  • Adeline: meaning noble or nobility
  • Camilla: meaning young ceremonial attendant
  • Cassandra: meaning prophetess
  • Edith: meaning prosperous in war
  • Flora: meaning flower
  • Genevieve: meaning tribe woman
  • Imogen: meaning maiden
  • Jane: meaning God is gracious
  • Louisa: meaning renowned warrior


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Start by choosing your top five favorites with your partner by using the list we created as a guide. Narrow the list down until you have found the name that you feel will be perfect for your little one.


Your baby will thank you one day for putting so much thought into this major life decision for them, so put on your thinking cap!



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