Best Tips for Breastfeeding

best tips for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be tough and we’ve found the experience can vary significantly from mom to mom. Here are some ways to make your breastfeeding journey as easy and comfortable as possible.


Here are our top tips for breastfeeding…


1. Learn Your Babies Signs for Hunger

When your baby starts crying, is it because they are hungry? Rather than waiting for the cry, learn the signs that your baby is ready to eat:


  • Turning or raising head repeatedly
  • Repeatedly opening and closing mouth
  • Sticking out tongue
  • Sucking on anything that is near them
  • Clenched fists often signal hunger, while open hands don’t
  • If you’re trying out a schedule, be flexible. Tapping into their hunger signals rather than scheduling might be less stressful for you and baby.

 2. Get in a Comfortable Position to Nurse

When you begin breastfeeding you will be in the same position for a long time. It is wise to get comfortable, so you are not squirming or moving as your baby is trying to feed. If you are sitting in an uncomfortable position for too long you are more likely to get back, shoulder, and neck problems as well. Don’t be afraid to try some new positions and areas out.

3. Try to Relax

To make breastfeeding the most comfortable experience for you and your little one, it is important to relax. Your baby will be able to sense if you are tense, and this may lead to issues latching correctly. Perhaps put on some headphones and listen to music or meditation apps.

 4. Remember Your Baby’s Favorite Position

Throughout your time breastfeeding your baby will discover their favorite position. It will be helpful for you to remember this position so you can get adjusted easily with each feeding. The more comfortable your baby is, the easier this experience will be for you both.


And, last but not least, our final tip is to take care of yourself. The pressures of breastfeeding can get overwhelming. Make sure to consult experts if needed and drink plenty of water and eat nutriet-rich foods. Give yourself a break to stay focused on being healthy, so you can best take care of your new baby.



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