Tips To Stress-Free Breastfeeding

If anyone told you that breastfeeding was easy because it's natural, they either have never breastfed or they are blessed. Either way, we think of these anti-encouraging momisms as veiled putdowns. Setting the expectation that it will just happen, easy-peasy, sets the new mom-to-be up for culture shock in the most vulnerable time in her life. Every breast, every baby, and every breastfeeding journey is different and expectations should be more realistic. In today's post, we are going to share some tips from the pros on how to have a stress-free breastfeeding journey with your little one (LO).

Be Kind To Yourself.

Mama, babies are hard work. They challenge your sleep and patience and the bundles of joy rob you of time and sense of self. It is okay. This is normal. The transition from pregnancy to actual motherhood can be overwhelming. You are attempting to recover physically at the same time hormones are flooding your body, your baby is demanding every ounce of energy, and sleep is non-existent. Be kind to yourself, super moms are only human. There will be good days and bad days, emotional moments, and those times you are thoroughly convinced you can't do it. But, you can. You carried your baby inside your body and then went through the trauma of getting it out, the rest is just figuring it out as you go. And, we can assure you that NO one has it figured out.

Get Practical.

Do what works for you. There is no right or wrong way to breastfeed. If your LO is fed, you win. Nipple shields, pump and feed, donor milk, formula supplements, around the clock latching, whatever works for you and your baby is the right way. So, do the things that make sense for you. Wear practical clothing that affords you easy breast access and develop a system for sanitizing bottles and pump parts and storing milk. Don't worry about buying into all the things like covers unless you want to. Don't stress about finding the "right place to feed," just do it.

Build a Support Network.

Whether you are on your first or your fifth breastfeeding journey, whether your child is still in utero or rounding 22 months, or whether your kids are EBF or breast + bottle, having a support network is a game-changer. There are so many resources including mom groups, lactation groups, online support groups, and social media groups, you have to work at being alone in this journey. If your SO or other close family isn't supportive, make your stand and advocate for you and your LO as early as possible. Learn everything you can, get advice even if you don't take it, and remind others to be kind to themselves.

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