Chore Chart for Kids

Having trouble motivating your kids to do their chores? Download this Chore Chart and then, reward them after getting a certain number of check marks onto the chart.

Here are some ideas for tasks to write in:

  • Make Bed
  • Clean Room
  • Pick Up Toys
  • Put on Pajamas
  • Brush Teeth
  • Do Homework
  • Set Table
  • Help Put Away Groceries
  • Help With Dishes
  • Read for 20 Minutes
  • Put Clothes in Hamper
  • Take Out Trash

Mom Tip: The reward must be something they don't normally get. For example, if they get a toy, it can't be a toy they would normally get, otherwise they won't be motivated enough. Happy Charting!

Be sure to grab some of our seal-n-stick labels to organize cubbies and toy bins to help with tackling chores.



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