Easy Steps for Meal Planning

Meal planning can be a lifesaver for busy moms and dads. It can not only save money and food waste, but it can also help you with mental chaos throughout the week too. Here are some steps we’ve broken down for Easy Meal Planning:

  1. Schedule a consistent time for weekly meal planning. (Sunday is a great option to for the week ahead.)
  2. Plan dinner only. This helps with sticking to the meal planning habit. Breakfast and lunch can be easily accommodated by listing out options, like sandwiches, cereal, leftoevers, salad, etc. (Post your lists up to quickly refer to.)
  3. Look at your schedule for dinner planning. Is it a busy week with family activities? Any days you’ll be working later? Keep your meal selections especially simple on those days.
  4. “Shop” your refrigerator, cupboards and pantry. Then, choose your meals. Keep your meals and side dishes simple.
  5. Write meals into your Weekly Meal Plan and create a grocery list. Download our free Weekly Meal Plan here.
  6. Go grocery shopping and prep any food you can ahead of time, even if it’s sides. (If you prep more than 3 days worth, freeze 3 of the meals and keep only 2 days worth in the refrigerator.)
  7. Repeat weekly.

Labeling can help! Use our Date Labels to mark containers with “MON” or any other day or with a child’s name if they have allergies or food preferences. (These date labels are water-resistant and should be changed after a day or two.)

For lunch containers and water bottles, use our seal-n-stick labels, which are dishwasher and microwave safe and stay on for weeks. Write your name to prevent losing or mixing up items. Or write “no dairy” on your kid’s items to remind others of allergies.



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