4 After School Care Ideas for the Working Parent

As a working parent you have so much on your plate when school is starting back up. Between back to school shopping and getting back into the routine, the task of figuring out what your child will do after school until you get out of work can be stressful.

We’ve compiled a list of after school care ideas for the working parent that might help.

1. After-School Care

Most schools will have a program for after school care for your kiddos. If there isn’t an option at your kid’s school, there are also privately-owned or home-based daycares that will take care your little one wonderfully.

2. Family

If you have parents or a sibling that’s a stay-at-home parent, why not try finding some after-school help there? Grandparents adore spending time with their grandkids and would probably be thrilled to have them after school. If one of your siblings agrees to let your little one stay with them, make sure you return the favor on weekend date nights.

3. Clubs or Sports

For older kids, there are many options for after school activities that go on until the time parents get out of work. This may not be a reliable option for younger kids, because their activities usually take place on the weekend or later in the evening. After school activities often work the best for children in middle school.

4. Get Involved in an After-School Organization

There are plenty of nonprofit organizations that have tons of fun ways to occupy your little one’s time after school. Organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, or the YMCA usually offer classes your kiddo can be involved in that will teach lessons like responsibility and empowerment.

When school’s starting back up this year, find the best option for your kiddo and plan ahead in your calendar. This can help to get your kids into routine and prevent any stress of uncertainty.



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