Establishing a School Routine

With summer often comes a calmer, care-free routine. The kids are waking up when they want to and staying up late. They are out playing all day and relaxing at night. Back to school transition can be hard, but here are some tips to establish a routine and get back into the time adjustment as the school year approaches.

Start Enforcing Early Wake, and Bed Times Ahead of Time

Rather than letting kids live on their summer schedule until the night before school, start practicing a week or two before. The early wake-up times can come as a shock to kids, so start having them wake up earlier to get their bodies used to that routine.

Give Them a Shorter Curfew

If your kiddos are normally allowed to play until dinner time, and then they run right back out and meet their friends until dark, that will need to change. Once school starts kids are in school all day, and they have homework to do at night. Start calling them home earlier and having them stay for the rest of the night.

Start Brushing Up on Academics

Kids start to forget much of the stuff they learned in school as they are gone for 2-3 months.Brushing up on the topics they were learning can get them in the routine of having home work and studying. Going from playing all day to having school work for such a huge portion of the day is a hard transition.Start doing activities that give short spurts of academics in small amounts as the Summer ends.

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