Tips For Feeding Your Child Beyond Your Care

For many American families, parents are not always the caretaker for their children. Whether one or both parents work, the child has a nanny or babysitter, attends daycare, or is school age, there are times when your child is likely to be under the care and supervision of someone else. In your absence, you want your child to be fed as though you were the one caring for them. In today’s post, we will share some helpful tips on how to promote your child’s nutrition and safety even when they are being cared for by someone else.

Pack their meals and snacks.

It doesn’t matter where they are going or whose care they are under, if you pack their snacks and meals, they are sure to eat as close to how you would feed them as possible. Sure, you can’t control everything, but it will make a significant difference. We recommend clearly labeling the meals and snacks with recommended feeding times and the ingredients. Be sure to pack a little more than you think they may need to avoid them running out, going hungry, or the caretaker from filling in the gaps.

Label for safety and return.

Always label your child’s food! Use their name, list what the container holds, and use a date label if the food is perishable. You can use container labels to identify which meal is for which child, the times it should be offered, and allergies. Using self-laminating, waterproof seal-n-stick kitchen labels to mark your child’s meals and snacks not only helps to ensure the right child gets the right food, but will also help ensure you get your containers returned to you.

Be proactive.

Before entrusting your child to a caretaker, discuss things like the foods and drinks you do and do not want your child to have, dietary restrictions, allergies, or any other food concerns you may have. As your child grows and develops, be sure to update your caretakers as to your child's wants, needs, and likes. As your child ages, you can have conversations with them about nutritional choices and offer suggestions for eating well in your absence.

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