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Our clothing labels are easy. No iron required - simply stick them on.


Write on your kiddo's name or initials and keep clothes from being lost or mixed up at school, daycare and camp. Also great for extracurricular activities like dance, swim, taekwondo, show choir and sports. 

Also great for labeling clothing for nursing homes or community living.

Here's how to use them:

1.) Write on them with a fine-tipped permanent marker. 

2.) Wait to dry completely.

3.) Stick them onto the clothing tag or care tag. Make sure to smooth down really well for maximum adhesion, along all four corners. 



Can you stick them directly onto the clothing?

Yes, you can. We recommend putting the labels where a tag typically goes. This prevents the fabric being stretched and pulled underneath the label.

Washer and dryer safe. Wait 24 hours before laundering.

Bright White 42-pack. Each label is 0.85" x 0.57". Also available in Highlighter design.




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