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kitchen labels
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Get organized with our plain white, all-purpose labels around the house, garage and kitchen.

Just write, seal, stick and the labels stay on for weeks (even months). Dishwasher-safe. Use them on:

  • pantry items
  • bins
  • bottles
  • sippy cups
  • water bottles
  • wipes
  • travel items
  • snack and lunch containers
  • breast milk freezer storage bags
  • school supplies
  • bicycles
  • scooters
  • garage tools
  • electronics
  • medicine

(Tip: write in 'NO PEANUTS' or 'NO MILK' as an allergy reminder.)

They keep your writing clean and easy to read for organizing and labeling items in your home, kitchen, school, garage, daycare, camp, sports activities and more.

  • dishwasher-safe (top rack recommended)
  • microwave-safe
  • bottle-warmer-safe (steam-safe)
  • freezer-safe (great for breast milk storage)
  • BPA free; made in the USA

Easy to use:

1. Write on the label with a ballpoint pen or fine-tipped permanent marker.
2. Peel off the BACKING from the overlay flap and press the flap down over your writing to seal.
3. Stick the label on to your item when it is clean and dry.

Each package is 24 labels. All-Purpose Plain White. Self-laminating. Each label is .625" x 2.75"

Recommended on plastic. These labels also work well on metal, wood, ceramic and paper. Can vary on silicone and glass.

For fabrics and labeling clothing, get our clothing labels.



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