Bottle Labels

Solving Problems That Every Parent Faces

At Lil’ Labels, we believe that when you solve a few small problems, you can reduce a significant amount of stress and save a lot of time, freeing you up to enjoy more quality time with your little ones.

When you are labeling your child(ren)’s items, there are a few hesitancies that always cross a parent’s mind.

Will this toxic permanent ink penetrate the product and poison my child if I write directly on it? If I use this label, it may fall off, smudge, or flake when it gets wet, wasting my time completely and defeating the purpose of being labeled!

The founder of Lil’ Labels, Minna, is a mom who had these same thoughts and frustrations. She developed a product that is safe, easy-to-use, and solves all of these problems for worry-free labeling of just about anything!

Mess-Free, Clear Labeling in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Write

Lift the flap on the seal-n-stick bottle label and use a ballpoint pen or felt-tip marker to write you child’s name or any other information you want.

Step 2 - Seal

Use the self-laminating feature by peeling off the backing of the label overlay. Press the flap over your writing to create a watertight seal. This prevents smudging, ink bleeding, and peeling of your label. If used correctly, your label can last for months!

Step 3 - Stick

Now that you have your label created, stick it to any clean, dry surface! Use it on baby bottles, sippy cups, product bottles, food containers, toys, cubbies, electronics, water bottles, lunchboxes, wipe containers,

Our seal-n-stick bottle labels are waterproof and tear-resistant, and will last through use in:

  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Bottle Warmer
  • Freezer
  • Condensation
  • Steamer
  • Sunshine
  • Adverse Weather

Sticky hands, unexpected runs through the sprinkler, and spills are no match for Lil’ Labels seal-n-stick bottle labels. We call them baby bottle labels, but you can use them virtually anywhere, on virtually anything. They are safe for use on:

  • Plastic (recommended!)
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Paper

Streamline your organization process and get the most out of your labels when you use Lil’ Labels. Browse our entire product line to find the perfect label to meet your needs, or try them all!

Save Time, Money, and Ensure Your Child’s Safety!

The three biggest pain points when getting a child’s belongings ready for daycare, school, or outings is ensuring that they will keep the items and the right items will be used for the right child. You spend a lot of time carefully planning out everything your child needs and packing it all up neatly. When you have to spend your time picking off the residue of yesterday’s label and attempting to affix a new one, allowing enough time for the ink to dry so that it doesn’t smudge — or worse yet, attempting to wipe the permanent marker off of your containers to write over it — the frustration builds and patience diminishes. You spend your hard earned money to provide the best for you child and want to ensure that the food, school supplies, and disposables — wipes, sunscreen, diaper cream, lotion, and medications — are used for your child and your child only. Additionally, if your child has any sensitivities, allergies, or specific needs, using the wrong child’s product can be dangerous. Save your time, hard earned money, and keep your child safe when you use labels that clearly identify your child’s objects.

Personalized Themes For Each Child

Although our Lil’ Labels seal-n-stick waterproof bottle labels are made to make parent’s lives easier, the labels are placed on your child’s belongings and used to identify your child. We thought it was only appropriate to make it fun and exciting to create themed labels to match your child’s personality and preference.

Animal Friends

Our animal friends themed pack includes 24 labels that feature fun creatures including fox, hippo, lion, beaver, tiger, penguin, and raccoon! Your kids’ labels are sure to be a hit at daycare!

Playful Patterns

Our playful patterns themed labels feature fun patterns with a variety of geometric shapes and colors. All of the patterns are completely gender-neutral and fun for kids from a few weeks to teenage.


Our transportation themed labels are perfect for the little explorer in your life. This seal-n-stick label pack includes 24 labels that feature vehicles including planes, trucks, cares, helicopter, and emergency vehicles.



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