Boy Names that Start with “A”

 Adding a baby boy to the family is such an exciting thing, but with all this excitement brings an important decision as a parent. What will you call your little bundle of joy? If you’re thinking about choosing a name that starts with the letter “A,” then you came to the right place! We created a list of our favorite boy names that begin with “A.”

  1. Andrew- meaning masculine
  2. Alexander- meaning defender or helper
  3. Alejandro- meaning defends mankind
  4. Adam- meaning to make
  5. Ashton- meaning ash tree town
  6. Aaron- meaning enlightened
  7. Anthony- meaning priceless
  8. Arthur- from the Shakespearean play King John
  9. Antonio- meaning priceless
  10. Abraham- derived from the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet
  11. Austin- meaning magic or dignity
  12. Adrian- meaning sea or water
  13. Angel- meaning messenger from God
  14. Asher- meaning happy or blessed
  15. Aiden- meaning fiery
  16. August- meaning to increase
  17. Abram- meaning exalted father
  18. Amir- meaning prince or commanding
  19. Alan- meaning handsome
  20. Ace- meaning unity
  21. Andre- meaning manly or brave
  22. Abel- derived from Abel from the bible
  23. Adonis- meaning extremely handsome
  24. Anderson- meaning manly or brave
  25. Alec-meaning defender of mankind
  26. Albert- meaning noble or bright
  27. Augustus- meaning majestic dignity
  28. Amos- meaning burden carried
  29. Alfred- meaning counsel
  30. Axel- meaning father of peace
  31. Andy- meaning manly, or brave
  32. Ahmad- meaning much praised
  33. Anton- meaning priceless
  34. Angelo- meaning angel
  35. Archer- meaning bowman
  36. Alden- meaning old friend
  37. Arnold- meaning strong as an eagle
  38. Anders- meaning manly or brave
  39. Adrien- meaning of the Adriatic
  40. Abasi- meaning stern
  41. Abbott- meaning father
  42. Apollo- meaning to destroy
  43. Abdulla- meaning servant of God
  44. Abejundio- meaning like a bee
  45. Abner- meaning my father is light
  46. Abisha- meaning God’s gift
  47. Abiola- meaning born in wealth
  48. Adaiah- meaning God’s witness
  49. Adal- meaning noble
  50. Ade- meaning royal

If you enjoyed reading these names that begin with “A,” then don’t forget to take a look at our list of boy’s names that begin with “J” as well. Once you have narrowed down the list to your top five names, it is only a matter of time before you choose the perfect one. Happy naming!



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