Boy Names that Start with “J”

Adding a new member to the family is one of the most exciting things that will happen to you.Whether they are a girl, or a boy, you will have an important decision to make; what will you name them? If you have a little boy and would like to name him something that starts with a“J,” then you’re in luck! We compiled a list of boy names that begin with “J."

Here are our top picks...

  1. Jack- meaning God is gracious 
  2. Jackson- meaning son of Jack
  3. Jacob- meaning to follow
  4. Jacobe- meaning supplanter
  5. Jacboson- meaning Jacob’s child
  6. Jacy- meaning moon
  7. Jacques- meaning heel
  8. Jadon- meaning Jehovah has heard
  9. Jafar- meaning little stream
  10. Jai- meaning victory
  11. Jake- meaning God is gracious
  12. Jamal- meaning handsome
  13. James- meaning supplanter
  14. Jameson- meaning son of James
  15. Jamie- meaning heel or supplanter
  16. Jamon- meaning right hand of favor
  17. Jared- meaning descending
  18. Jari- meaning helmeted warrior
  19. Jarl- meaning nobleman
  20. Jason- meaning healer
  21. Jaspar- meaning keeper of the treasure
  22. Javier- meaning castle
  23. Jax-meaning God has been gracious
  24. Javan- meaning son of Japheth
  25. Jay- meaning victory
  26. Jedidiah- meaning beloved of God
  27. Jefferson- meaning son of Jeffrey
  28. Jeffrey- meaning peaceful
  29. Jenson- meaning son of Jens
  30. Jere- meaning exalted by the Lord
  31. Jeremy- meaning exalted by the Lord
  32. Jeremiah- meaning exalted by the Lord
  33. Jerett- meaning spear strong
  34. Jericho- meaning city of the moon
  35. Jermaine- meaning brother
  36. Jerome- means rejoicing
  37. Jerrah- meaning Jehovah has seen
  38. Jerrall- meaning strong or open-minded
  39. Jerry- meaning ruling spear
  40. Jerzy- meaning farmer
  41. Jerron- meaning rejoicing
  42. Jestin- meaning upright or righteous
  43. Jim- meaning supplanting or seizing by the heel
  44. Jiro- meaning second son
  45. Jivin- meaning gives life
  46. Jirkar- meaning farmer
  47. Jobe- meaning he that weeps and cries
  48. John- meaning to be gracious
  49. Joey- meaning may Jehovah add or increase
  50. Joel- meaning Yahu is God

If you enjoyed reading through all of our boy names that start with “J,” then take a look at our boy names that start with “A” also! This is a big decision, so take your time. Narrow down the list with your partner by picking out a few favorites. From there, you will have the perfect name chosen for your baby in no time!



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