Boy Names that Start with “B”

So, you just added a baby boy to your family? This is one of the most exciting moments in your life, but at the same time you have a huge decision to make. What are you going to call your little boy? With so many options, deciding on what you want to call your kiddo is no easy choice

To help narrow the options down, start by deciding which letter you would like the name to begin with. If a name that begins with “B” piques your interest, then you’re in luck! We compiled a list of our favorite boy names that begin with “B” to help make your choice just a little bit easier

Here are our top choices...

  1. Blakemeaning bright or shining
  2. Bobmeaning fame
  3. Benjaminmeaning son of the right hand
  4. Benmeaning son of the right hand
  5. Brockmeaning brook or stream
  6. Brettmeaning a Breton
  7. Brianmeaning force or strength
  8. Bradleymeaning broad
  9. Brentmeaning the burnt or to burn
  10. Braydenmeaning broad valley
  11. Brunomeaning brown
  12. Brucemeaning the willow lands
  13. Brandonmeaning dweller near the brushwood hill
  14. Brennanmeaning sorrow or sadness
  15. Badimeaning wonderful
  16. Brodymeaning from Brodie
  17. Bennettmeaning blessed
  18. Brysonmeaning son of Brice
  19. Badenmeaning bather
  20. Baermeaning bright

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While you’re on your way to choosing a baby name that fits your little boy, you will most likely want to narrow the list even further. Pick your top five names from this list and keep narrowing it down from there. Before you know it, you will have the perfect name chosen for your bundle of joy!



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