Boy Names that Start with “E”

Adding a new baby boy to your family is such an exciting thing. Between all the excitement and joy you are feeling; you may also be overwhelmed by a big decision that must be made. What will you call your little boy? With so many options it’s easy to feel anxious about choosing a name. The easiest way to tackle this task is to split it up by choosing a criteria for your name, and then narrowing it down.

Choosing a letter that you like is a great way to begin narrowing down your options. If a boy name that begins with the letter “E” interests you, then you are in luck! We created a list of boy names that begin with “E” for you to browse through.

Here are our top picks...

  1. Ethanmeaning strength, firmness, or long-live
  2. Ezrameaning help
  3. Elliottmeaning Jehovah is God
  4. Elimeaning high or ascent
  5. Elijahmeaning Jehovah is God
  6. Edwardmeaning guardian or protector
  7. Eastonmeaning from East town
  8. Everettmeaning brave as a wild boar
  9. EmmanuelmeaningGod is with us
  10. Ericmeaning ever or always
  11. Emmettmeaning truth
  12. EzekielmeaningGod strengthens
  13. Enzomeaning rules the home
  14. Edwinmeaning wealthy friend
  15. Enriquemeaning ruler of an enclosure
  16. Edisonmeaning prosperity or wealth
  17. Eduardomeaning guardian or protector
  18. Estebanmeaning a crown, or a garland that which adorns the head
  19. Elonmeaning judge of Israel
  20. Edgar-meaning prosperity, fortune, or riches

If you enjoyed reading our list of boy names that begin with the letter "E," then don't forget to check out our other name lists including boy names that begin with "M," or maybe "L."

After you have had some time to look through these options, make a list of your five favorites. From there eliminate names until you have found the one that interests you. Before you know it, your baby will have the perfect name picked out!



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