Boy Names that Start with “H”

When it comes to adding a little boy to your family, it is such an exciting, but overwhelming time. Adding a new family member means that there are lots of decisions to make. One of those is a name for your little one. If you find yourself racking your brain trying to find the perfect name for your new addition, then keep scrolling!

We created a list of boy names that start with “H” to browse through. Here are our top picks…

  1. Hank- meaning ruler of an enclosure
  2. Herman- meaning army man or soldier
  3. Harry- meaning home ruler
  4. Henry- meaning ruler of an enclosure
  5. Hudson- meaning son of ruler
  6. Hayden- meaning hill or valley
  7. Hector- meaning holding fast
  8. Holden- meaning deep valley
  9. Harrison- meaning son of Henry
  10. Hugh- meaning heart, mind, or spirit
  11. Harris- meaning son of Harris
  12. Hayes- meaning fire
  13. Howard- meaning heart or brave
  14. Hamilton- meaning blunt
  15. Hiram- Biblical figure
  16. Hoyt- meaning Irish mind or spirit
  17. Hunter- a hunter or a huntsman
  18. Holt- meaning a den or an area of woodland
  19. Hawkins- meaning little hawk
  20. Hendrick- meaning home ruler

If you enjoyed reading this list, then don’t forget to take a look at our list of boy’s names that start with “P,” or maybe even “O!” Make a short list of your favorites from our list. Talk with your partner about your favorite as you continue to condense. Good luck, and happy naming!



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