Boy Names that Start with "V"

Adding a new baby to the family is such an exciting thing. While adding a new member to the family is amazing, there are so many things to plan before their arrival. Putting together a nursery, gathering the necessary supplies, and picking a name for your bundle of joy are just a few of the responsibilities. If you haven’t figured out a name, don’t worry! We created a list of boy names to help you start your naming journey.

Keep reading if a boy name that starts with “V” is what you’re looking for.

  1. Vincent- meaning to conquer
  2. Victor- meaning conqueror or winner
  3. Vito- meaning life
  4. Vince- meaning conquering
  5. Vernon- meaning place of alder trees
  6. Virgil- from Roman origin
  7. Vladimir- meaning to rule
  8. Vaughn- meaning small or little
  9. Valente- meaning brave or valiant
  10. Vinnie- meaning conquering
  11. Vasilios- modern Greek form of Basil
  12. Vonn- meaning hope
  13. Verdon- meaning green knoll
  14. Vitaly- meaning life
  15. Vern- meaning alder tree grove
  16. Valerio- Italian and Spanish form of Valerius
  17. Victorio- meaning conqueror and winner
  18. Vondell- meaning hope
  19. Virginio- meaning chaste
  20. Vincenzo- meaning conquering

If you enjoyed reading these names, take a look at our list of boy names that start with “P,” or maybe “F.” Keep narrowing the list down until you have your top three. Sit down with your partner and determine which name is right for your little one. Good luck, and happy naming!



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