Girl Names that Begin with “C”

So, you added a baby girl to your family? This is such an exciting time for your family, but you can’t forget the important decision you will have to make; what will you call your new addition?With so many options, trying to decide what you want to call your child for the rest of their life is no easy task

Well, we narrowed it down for you. We compiled a list of names that begin with “C,” so keep scrolling if a “C” name piques your interest.

Here are our top picks...

  1. Ceceliameaning blind or dim-sighted
  2. Carmenmeaning vineyard or orchard
  3. Catherinemeaning pure or unsullied
  4. Chloemeaning blooming or verdant
  5. Cleomeaning glory or fame
  6. Candacemeaning white, pure, or sincere
  7. Cynthiameaning from Kynthos (a mountain on the islandof Delos)
  8. Clairemeaning bright, clear, or famous
  9. Cindypet name of Cynthia or Lucinda
  10. Catiemeaning pure or unsullied
  11. Courtneymeaning from Courtenay
  12. Clarameaning bright, clear, or famous
  13. Celestemeaning celestial or heavenly
  14. Cecemeaning blind
  15. Chanelmeaning pipe, or channel
  16. Camilameaning virgin of unblemished character
  17. Cassandrameaning shining upon man
  18. Carlameaning man, freeman, or peasant
  19. Chantellemeaning stone or boulder
  20. Corrinemeaning maiden

If you enjoyed reading this list, take a look at the other baby name lists that we have created. Baby girl names that begin with "M," or "D," are just a few to choose from. Make a shortlist with around five of your favorites from the list. Begin to narrow the list down and before you know it your baby girl will have a name that suits her perfectly! 



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