Girl Names that Start with “A”

So, you’ve just added a baby girl to your family? Well, you have a big decision to make! Deciding what to call your little one will be one of the biggest decisions you will make for them. One easy way to narrow it down is to choose a letter, then look at names beginning with that letter. If you are interested in a name beginning with “A,” well you’re in luck! We compiled a list of girl’s names that begin with the letter “A.”

Here are our top picks…

  1. Amanda- meaning worthy to be loved
  2. Amber- descendant of a translucent fossil resin
  3. Alessandra- meaning to defend, or help
  4. Allison- meaning son of Alice
  5. Aliyah- meaning to ascend
  6. Andrea- derived from the element Andros
  7. Anastasia- meaning of the resurrection
  8. Alyssa- derived from the asylum flower
  9. Anna- meaning gracious, or full of grace
  10. Ariana- derived from the element; silver
  11. Alexa- meaning defender or helper
  12. Abigail- meaning a lady’s maid
  13. Amelia- meaning work, or rival
  14. Aria- meaning air
  15. Audrey- meaning noble strength
  16. Aubrey- meaning elf ruler
  17. Amy- meaning beloved, or to love
  18. Adriana- meaning from the city of Adria
  19. Adaline- a diminutive of Adele
  20. Alaina- meaning torch, light, or bright
  21. Angela- meaning divine messenger
  22. Annabelle- meaning lovable
  23. Amaya- meaning night rain
  24. Angelina- meaning guiding spirit, or messenger of God
  25. Alice- meaning noble one 
  26. Ayah- sign and proof of Allah’s greatness
  27. Alexandria- meaning to defend or help
  28. Ada- meaning first-born female
  29. Annelise- meaning gracious, or full of grace
  30. Ayla- meaning oak tree
  31. Alondra- meaning lark
  32. Alexia- meaning to defend or help
  33. Addison- meaning son of Addy
  34. Avery- meaning light and nimble as a bird
  35. Ariella- meaning lion of God
  36. Adelaide- meaning nobility
  37. Anne- meaning grace, gracious, or mercy
  38. Alicia- meaning noble or nobility
  39. Alejandra- meaning to defend or help
  40. Alivia- meaning olive tree
  41. April- meaning second, or latter
  42. Amara- meaning steadfast, or immortal
  43. Angelica- meaning like an angel
  44. Annika- meaning gracious, full of grace
  45. Azalea- meaning dry earth
  46. Aileen- meaning is uncertain, derived from Aveline
  47. Astrid- meaning beautiful, or fair
  48. Audrina- meaning nobility or strength
  49. Avah- derived from Avia, uncertain meaning
  50. Angelique- meaning angelic
  51. Adele- meaning nobility
  52. Aurelia- meaning golden
  53. Aisha- meaning alive and well
  54. Ariadne- meaning very holy one
  55. Adelina- derived from Adele
  56. Ashley- meaning wood clearing, or meadow enclosure
  57. Agnes- meaning pure or sacred
  58. Annette- meaning gracious
  59. Amethyst- meaning a precious stone
  60. Asia- borrowed from the name of the continent
  61. Audra- meaning noble strength

If you enjoyed reading this list, check out our list of girl’s names that start with “J.” Now that you have some ideas, you can narrow this list down even more. Sit down with your partner and pick your top five. Before you know it, you will have the perfect name chosen for your bundle of joy!



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