Girl Names that Start with “J”

Adding a baby girl to the family is such an exciting event. With this exciting event, comes an important decision. What will you name her? If you are looking for a name that begins with the letter “J,” you’re in luck! Keep scrolling to see our list of girl names that begin with J…

  1. Jenna- meaning fair lady
  2. Jennifer- meaning fair lady
  3. Julia- meaning youth
  4. Juliet- meaning youth or downy-bearded
  5. Jessica- meaning gift
  6. Julianna- meaning youth or downy-bearded
  7. Joanna- meaning God is gracious
  8. Josie- meaning God will add, or God will increase
  9. Jasmine- derived from the tropical plant used in perfumes and teas
  10. Joy- meaning delight and great pleasure
  11. Jayda- meaning wise
  12. Jemma- meaning precious stone, or jewel
  13. Jane- meaning God is gracious
  14. Janelle- meaning God is gracious
  15. Jazlyn- meaning God
  16. Jacqueline- meaning supplanting or seizing by the heel
  17. Jaliyah- meaning lofty and sublime
  18. Jaylee- meaning Jolly
  19. Julietta- meaning downy-bearded or youth
  20. Judith- meaning he will be praised
  21. Janie- meaning God is gracious
  22. Jana- meaning God is gracious
  23. Jadyn- meaning God has heard
  24. Joslyn- derived from the obsolete Gautzelin
  25. Janet- diminutive form of Jane
  26. Jordynn- meaning to flow down or descend
  27. Janice- meaning God is gracious
  28. Janessa- meaning God’s gracious butterfly
  29. Jolee- meaning cheerful or pretty
  30. Juno- meaning heavenly one
  31. Justine- meaning rightful, thoughtful, or just
  32. Jaya- meaning victory
  33. Jiselle- meaning a mutual obligation
  34. Jenevieve- meaning race, people, or tribe
  35. Jelena- meaning light, torch, or bright
  36. Jeanette- meaning God is gracious
  37. Juanita- meaning God is gracious
  38. Jacie- meaning Joy
  39. Jovanna- meaning God is gracious
  40. Jessalynn- meaning gift
  41. Jill- meaning youth
  42. Jakira- meaning God’s blessing
  43. Jamie- meaning supplanted or seizing by the heel
  44. Jeannie- meaning God is gracious
  45. Jewel- meaning precious gem or stone
  46. Joycelyn- meaning member of the Gauts tribe
  47. Judy- meaning praised
  48. Janyne- meaning God is gracious
  49. Jilliana- meaning youth
  50. Jorah- meaning early rain 

If you enjoyed reading our list of girl names that begin with “J,” don’t forget to take a look at our list of girl names that begin with “A.” Sit down with your partner and choose a few of your favorites off the list, and before you know it you will have the perfect name picked out!

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