Unique Baby Boy Names

Looking for a unique name for your new baby boy? We compiled a list of unique names for your little boy to we find are strong stand-outs. 

Here are our top picks for unique baby boy names…

  • Orson- meaning bear
  • Adan- Spanish equivalent of Adam (Adam meaning man).
  • Osvaldo- meaning god and rule
  • Octavius- meaning eighth
  • Bradford- meaning a person living near a ford
  • Kendric- meaning supreme champion
  • Riggs- meaning son of Ridge
  • Aziel- meaning the Lord is my strength
  • Marcellus- meaning pledged to Mars
  • Maynard- meaning powerful strength
  • Kenji- meaning strong and vigorous
  • Finlay- meaning a good-looking man
  • Storm- meaning tempest
  • Braylon- meaning a broad valley
  • Zyair- meaning river
  • Dewei- meaning highly noble
  • Kalen- meaning slender
  • Rush- meaning a grassy plant that grows in a marsh
  • Wren- meaning little songbird
  • Adryan- meaning from Hadria


If you enjoyed reading our list of unique boy names, head on over to the list of vintage names as well. Why not take a peek at the most popular names from 2017-2019 while you’re at it? Start brainstorming with your partner to figure out your favorite few names. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you’re on the right track to having the perfect name picked out for your baby boy.



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