Unique Baby Girl Names

What is the perfect unique baby girl name for new beautiful bundle of joy that fits her personality? It’s a tough choice, but we’ve found that the perfect name will oftentimes jump out at you and your partner. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite unique names for a baby girl.

Here are our top choices for unique baby names for girls:


  • Delilah- meaning delicate
  • Elisha- meaning God’s helper
  • Magdalen- meaning woman from Magdala
  • Zola- meaning ball of Earth
  • Greer- meaning watchful or guardian
  • Indiana- meaning India
  • Jemma- meaning gem or jewel
  • Maisha- meaning prosperous
  • Safiya- meaning pure
  • Amata- meaning beloved
  • Deidra-meaning melancholy
  • Leigh- meaning weary
  • Geovana- meaning gift from God
  • Eliana- meaning light or moon
  • Marla- meaning woman of Magdala
  • Suri- meaning princess
  • Tora- meaning thunder
  • Diamond- meaning precious stone
  • Veda- meaning sacred knowledge
  • Bahari- meaning sea man


If you enjoyed reading our list of unique baby names for girls, don’t forget to check out our list of vintage names, and then why not take a peek at our list of popular names from 2017-2019? Sit down with your partner and sort your top few favorites from the list we made for you. Once you have narrowed it down a bit, you will be well on your way to choosing the perfect name for your little girl.



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